Review: 1st Innovator Circle Event


The first meeting of the Innovator Circle on January 14, 2019, was a great success! Around 80 participants received up-to-date information and were actively involved in exploring ideas on hot issues of the future within the energy industry.


The interest was great and expectations were high when, on January 14, 2019, Green Energy Lab invited all members of the Innovator Circle to a first meeting. Around 80 participants spent three hours discussing innovative topics. Austria’s largest innovation laboratory has shown by its competence and commitment that it is an important player in the shaping of a sustainable energy future.

True to the motto, “A film is better than a thousand words”, Green Energy Lab presented its vision, goals, and players. This video is also available on Youtube. Green Energy Lab thrives, above all, on concrete projects through which bold ideas for the future are developed, tested, and introduced to the market as quickly as possible for the benefit of customers. The project managers had been given the task of presenting their projects in two and a half minutes each—a challenge that, despite some adrenaline, they handled very well.

Active co-operation of all participants was required in the second half of the event. An online survey was conducted to identify the eight most pressing topical fields related to the new energy age and then to work on them in groups. Sheets of paper filled with ideas, associations, and proposed solutions were the result which is now being explored further.

According to the participants’ written feedback, everyone was able to take home an average of two to three new ideas. The event was rated as very good, creative, and useful. The bar for the next meeting, which will take place this year, is therefore high.