About Green Energy Lab

We are making the region of Lower Austria, Styria, Vienna, and Burgenland a pioneer in modern solutions for renewable energy.

Green Energy Lab, a research initiative for sustainable energy solutions, is part of the Austrian innovation campaign “Vorzeigeregion Energie” (“Flagship region Energy”) of the Climate and Energy Fund. Green Energy Lab is Austria’s largest innovation laboratory for green energy. It comprises the test markets Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, and Styria — all in all about five million end customers. More than 150 partners from research, industry, and the public sector join the energy suppliers of these four Austrian provinces, namely “Wien Energie” in Vienna, “EVN” in Lower Austria, “Energie Burgenland” in Burgenland, and “Energie Steiermark” in Styria, in order to develop customer- and demand-oriented, scalable solutions all the way from prototypes to marketability. Thanks to Green Energy Lab’s direct access to the core market of energy suppliers, new developments can immediately be tested on a large scale. By 2025, Green Energy Lab will have invested 100 million euros in innovative projects.

The Green Energy Lab Team

Operational Team

Susanne Supper

Cluster Manager
Graduate engineer Susanne Supper is the cluster manager of Green Energy Lab, heads the Green Energy Lab innovation laboratory and is responsible for the overall coordination of the project network for the energy showcase region. Before Green Energy Lab was founded and launched in September 2018, she worked for several years as a senior project manager and head of an energy research department. Susanne Supper studied Civil Engineering and Water Management at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna.

T: +43 676 471 81 77

E: susanne.supper@greenenergylab.at

Tobias Schwab

Open Innovation Manager
Graduate engineer Tobias Schwab, MA and a graduate of an advanced technical college, is the open innovation manager of the innovation laboratory and coordinates the Green Energy Lab location in Graz. As an authorized signatory and project manager for Green Energy & Innovation of the Green Tech Cluster Styria, he is responsible for projects in the fields of energy technology and economy and is involved in market and technology monitoring as well as open innovation. Tobias Schwab studied Urban Technologies, Sustainable Energy Systems and Innovation Management at the Advanced Technical Colleges Joanneum, Burgenland, and Campus 02.

T: +43 316 40 77 44 14

E: tobias.schwab@greenenergylab.at

Christian Kurz

R&D Manager
Graduate engineer Dr. Christian Kurz, PhD, is the R&D manager of the Green Energy Lab. The nuclear physicist holds a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and works as an innovation manager in Energie Burgenland AG. Prior to that, Christian Kurz was managing director of various subsidiaries.

T: +43 664 25 24 653

E: christian.kurz@greenenergylab.at

Radostina Reiter

Communications Manager
Mag. Radostina Reiter is Communications Manager at Green Energy Lab and responsible for topics in the field of communication, marketing, events & public relations activities. She studied German Philology with a major field Communication. An international background and many years of professional experience with a managerial position in marketing and communication form the basis of her work.

T: +43 676 471 93 47

E: radi.reiter@greenenergylab.at

François Laurent

Project Assistant
François Laurent, MSc, is Project Assistant at the Green Energy Lab and responsible for the cross-thematic support of the management. Prior to joining the Green Energy Lab, he worked in international research projects on sustainable development and renewable energy in the Netherlands, Spain and Israel as well as the energy partnership of the GIZ in Tunisia. François Laurent holds a degree in environmental science from the University of Wageningen (Netherlands) specializing in environmental systems analysis.

T: +43 676 471 69 73

E: francois.laurent@greenenergylab.at

Christian Fink

Scientific Advisor
Christian Fink advises the Green Energy Lab as R & D expert for heat supply and sector coupling. As authorized signatory and head of the department "Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems", he is responsible for a research team of around 25 people at the AEE Institute for Sustainable Technologies. The main areas of research of Christian Fink include energy supply technologies, heat storage, systemic energy supply and sector coupling, techno-economic analyzes as well as the scientific monitoring of funding programs.

Georg Lettner

Scientific Advisor
Georg Lettner advises the Green Energy Lab as an R & D expert for energy markets and smart grids. He leads the research area "Smart Grids / Smart Cities and e-Mobility" at the Institute for Energy Systems and Electrical Drives of the Vienna University of Technology. Georg Lettner's expertise lies in the system analysis of smart grids and the market integration of renewable technologies, focusing in particular on flexibility options in energy markets with a special focus on the development of business models involving different stakeholders.


Executive Board of the Registered Association

Christian Panzer

Board member
Graduate engineer Dr. Christian Panzer is chairman and spokesman of the association board. He heads the corporate development department at Wien Energie GmbH (Ltd.) with responsibility for strategy, innovation management, investment management, data protection, and compliance. He studied electrical engineering and wrote his doctoral thesis at the Vienna University of Technology, where he subsequently worked as a senior researcher in the field of renewable energy policy, advising the EU and national governments.

T: +43 1 4004 74913

E: christian.panzer@greenenergylab.at

Mathias Schaffer

Board member
Graduate engineer Mathias Schaffer is deputy chairman of the association board. The graduate electrical engineer is a specialist for energy research and innovation management at Energie Steiermark AG (Inc.) with a focus on innovation strategy and innovation processes and on activities as a business incubator.

T: +43 664 61 63 620

E: mathias.schaffer@greenenergylab.at

Raphaela Reinfeld

Board member
Raphaela Reinfeld, MBA, holds the position of secretary on the executive board of the registered association. She heads the innovation and product management department at Energie Burgenland AG (Inc.) and was previously responsible for renewable forms of energy, innovation and communication as an assistant to the CEO. Raphaela Reinfeld studied energy economy and communication sciences in Vienna, Eisenstadt, and Rome (ITA) and holds two master’s degrees.

T: +43 57 770 1016

E: raphaela.reinfeld@greenenergylab.at

Klaus Stricker

Board member
Graduate Engineer Klaus Stricker is the treasurer on the executive board of the registered association. He studied economics and has a technical education in communications engineering and electronics. He is an authorized signatory of EVN AG (Inc.) and heads the energy planning department.

T: +43 2236 200 12554

E: klaus.stricker@greenenergylab.at

The Steering Group of Green Energy Lab

Projects submitted will be evaluated by our steering group, which is made up of institutions from research departments, technology providers, lead users, and multiplier groups.

Research Departments




Technology Providers


Lead Users